Our firm is a one-stop-shop for all media strategy and public relations our clients may look for. Our rich background in working with business companies allows us to have a deep understanding of how they are wired to operate and the impact of business maneuvers on all aspects that surround companies: owners, directorate and board, management, business partners, regulators, employees, and of course – clients.

Content Creation


Defense Media



Public Relations

Media Strategy

Media Strategy  

The media strategy, which is custom made and tailored to fit each of our clients individually, has the purpose of supporting business maneuvers. Therefore, we are highly trained in various media strategies, from loud strategies (meant for maximum exposure) to quiet strategies (meant to allow the maturation of the business maneuver under the radar).


In the midst of this, we are also trained in creative strategizing, such as conveying messages through a third party, or creating a public event in New Media and transferring it to the traditional media.,

Public Relations  

In our view, Public Relations is the key factor to the art of persuasion. After deciding during the strategic process on the aim of our persuasion, we employ our deep familiarity with the media in order to decide on the target audience, the timing, and which arguments to use.

Business Communications  

The firm has years of experience with managing the Media Strategy and Public Relation of public companies and financial institutes, especially on M&As, entering new markets, raising of capital, debt settlement, IPOs, secondary issues, private equity and regulatory changes.


We offer our clients a deep understanding of the financial world, the regulatory environment in Israel and the positions of investors. This enables us to supply our clients with added value, from the beginning stage of image planning and message formation. In addition, our firm enjoys day-to-day work relationships with a variety of financial media sources in Israel.

International Defense Media

Our firm includes a department that specializes in multi-national defense and HLS companies and managing their reputation in Israel and abroad.


The creation of effective defense media requires familiarity with the way decision makers in the security sector think and operate, an understanding of regulatory processes, experience and knowledge of leading defense conferences in Israel and abroad, knowledge on the various international defense magazines, and relationships with leading military and defense reporters.

Content Creation

We believe that the basis to creating a good relationship with the media and the public is quality content. Our team of consultants specializes in drafting and forming written texts in Hebrew and English, for the purposes of publication in the company's visible media outlets: research, information pages, social media networks, newsletters, employee letters, etc.